A success story: PrehKeyTec exhibits at Passenger Terminal EXPO for the 10th time

In March 2010 we exhibited at Passenger Terminal EXPO (PTE) for the first time. At that time the tradeshow took place in Brussels. This year, the exhibition, which takes place in a different major European city every year, was held in London.

Since our first participation, we continually evolved and updated our input solutions to the latest market requirements: From the product launch of the OCR reader keyboard MCI 111 in our first year of participation, to the introduction of our lighting module for the German air traffic control, to the presentation of the Android compatibility of our products last year.

At this year's PTE, we focused on:

•    Mobile check-in solutions with Android
•    NFC & biometric identification
•    RFID ePassport reading
•    Robust & reliable keyboards in extreme environments

At the end of April, we will be showing our solutions for airports and airlines at the airport show in Dubai.

Excel London
Welcome to PTE
PrehKeyTec booth at PTE
Check-in Demo
NFC and Biometric Demo
Visitors at the PrehKeyTec booth
PrehKeyTec Team