Congratulations for 40 years at PrehKeyTec

Our colleague Klaus Ress celebrated his 40th company anniversary on September 1st 2020. We asked Klaus a few questions to get some insights in his daily work.

Hello Klaus, what did you do before PrehKeyTec?

I've been with Preh/PrehKeyTec all of my work life. When I was 14 years old, I started my training at Preh. I originally applied for an apprenticeship as a technical illustrator. During the recruitment test, however, I’ve shown a lot of skilled craftsmanship because of that I was hired as an electronics technician. I still work in this position today.


What has changed the most at PrehKeyTec in recent years?

The work became more and more extensive and varied, which enabled me to learn and perfect new things.The samples and the complaints have of course changed over time due to new products or adjustments to the existing products.


What is your day-to-day work like and what do you like to do after work?

In the morning I get the lists of the ordered samples from colleagues, which I then process depending on their importance. The work that I enjoy most is testing samples. For example, it is tested whether the keys are putting out the correct code or whether the LEDs are lit correctly.My daily tasks also include building up samples or analyzing and managing returns. If my help is needed during the manufacturing of our products I occasionally jump in there, too. After work, I like to go bowling or cycling with friends in the area.


Thank you for the interview!


Anniversary Klaus Ress

Carmen Karbacher (supervisor production) congratulates Klaus Ress on his 40th anniversary