PrehKeyTec hands over special keyboards to Jakob Preh School

Since we had overstock from one of our customers, we decided to donate some keyboards to the Jakob Preh School, that is located near our headquarters in Bad Neustadt an der Saale. "We were very happy with the offer and will use these versatile keyboards in our administration and departments," said School Principal Christine Götz. "We also want to use some of the keyboards for our business classes," adds Assistant School Principal Christian Stöhr.

Our CEO, Günter Kissner, emphasized our regional ties when handing over the keyboards. “We source as many supplier parts as possible from here and manufacture our products exclusively in Mellrichstadt. We are therefore pleased that our donation can serve a good cause in our region,” said Kissner. “What is special about our products is that they can be completely customized. Our keyboards can be programmed easily. The layouts are almost always tailor-made, as is the case with this compact MSI 60, which is mainly used in retail. It provides a fast and smooth checkout process in many supermarkets. The MCI 3000 is a complete alphanumeric keyboard, which in this case is equipped with an integrated magnetic card reader, a smart card reader and an additional USB port on the side,” explained Kissner.

The Jakob Preh School in Bad Neustadt combines a professional school, two technical schools and a master school. It offers excellent education for metal and electrical occupations as well as for some occupations in the field of construction technology and in the business area.

School management team Christine Götz (center left) and Christian Stöhr (center right) are happy about the keyboards, which were handed over by CEO Günter Kissner (left) and Sales Manager Christoph Wolz (right). (Photo: Claudia Seifert)