New trends in retail| PrehKeyTec shows innovative solutions at the EuroCIS 2019

PrehKeyTec showed a total of five demo stations at this year's EuroCIS. Each one presented a unique benefit to our retail customers. The two biggest crowd pleasers were our hologram kiosk and our POS system with RFID authorization.

Thanks to our Spanish partners PayThunder and Qualica-RD, our guests were greeted by Genie, a virtual hologram. For this purpose visitors only had to place their ID on our document scanner PKT 4000. The hologram then addressed the person directly and printed out an individualized guest card. This demonstrated that Genie is the perfect solution for the access control of the future. Behind the scenes Genie consults artificial intelligence to inform, interact with and communicate with customers in their own language. Genie answered various questions from our guests, including where our products are produced and what added value they offer. The hologram is very versatile, whether as a personal assistant, guide or entrance control, used in a shop, in a shopping mall or in a hotel.

Together with our partner NCR, we introduced a realistic POS system that was designed to show what the authorization of the employees in retail could look like in the future. NCR provided us with the elegant all-in-one solution "RealPOS XR7" and the associated software. The device enables top performance with numerous POS software applications. By combining our keyboard with the integrated RFID reader, a powerful POS system is created. The built in RFID module provides security and saves space. It allows a fast login into the POS system, even with a complex authorization process in the background. Authorization processes can be displayed flexibly and changed whenever necessary. Preprogrammed keys simplify processes that would otherwise take several actions. Even complicated inputs such as product searches are performed quick and easy with our keyboard.

In addition to these two solutions, we showed our new ideas on age verification and two-factor authentication as well as our cash register keyboard in an extreme environment.

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Team at EuroCIS
MCI 128 in the Aquarium
Team at EuroCIS 2019
NCR checkout system
Part of our product range
Booth at EuroCIS 2019
Keyboard with integrated RFID