PrehKeyTec on Trustech’s innovation stage and new demo stations at the booth

Our Sales Manager Caroline Botella and Francisco Gómez Gómez from our Spanish partners PayThunder and Qualica-RD showed a new solution for fast tracking in access control with artificial intelligence at this year’s innovation stage at Trustech in Cannes. First of all PrehKeyTec’s reliable document scanner the PKT 4000 reads a passport, visa or another ID document. After that the visitor is individually greeted by PayThunder’s hologram, personalizing interactions in a friendly and easy to follow way. At the end Qualica-RD’s printer creates a customized MIFARE card, using the information from the scan.

The new concept was also shown at our booth. You can check out the demo in this video:

Furthermore PrehKeyTec’s booth was focusing on fingerprint solutions. PrehKeyTec is offering all-in-one devices that save space and make it easier to trace transactions. One demo station showed the implementation of a two factor authentication using RFID and fingerprint. Have a look at our two factor authentication solution right here:

Last but not least we presented our android compatibility with an age verfication and payment application that you can check out here: