PrehKeyTec provides Security in the Hospitality Industry

Like all of our data input solutions, the ML 2 document scanner works fast and is easy to use. Especially for hotels the ML 2 offers plenty of benefits:

  1. Improves security
    By using the ML 2 to scan ID cards and passports the general security of the hotel is improved because the identity of the hotel guests is ensured. Additionally fraud is reduced significantly with our solution. Guests are not able to just walk away without paying anymore. This also prevents guests pre paying by credit card and cancelling the payment later. With the scanned ID document, matching the data on the credit card, hotels can still claim the payment afterwards.

  2. Increases customer satisfaction
    For every hotel manager it is most important to have satisfied guests. With PrehKeyTec’s MSR and OCR reader you can improve your customer satisfaction by making the check-in not only faster, but also much smoother. Instead of taking the guest’s identification document to the back office to make a photocopy, the desk clerk can stay at the counter together with the guest without interrupting the check-in process. This makes the whole procedure much shorter. The desk clerks in many countries also save time after check-in because the necessary police file is filled in automatically without any manual data input.

  3. Better for the environment
    These days the protection of the environment becomes increasingly important. More and more hotel chains are becoming aware of this and are implementing ecological practices. With the photocopy of the passport no longer being necessary, hotels save a lot of printing paper by using the ML 2 document scanner at the desk. And this is beneficial in an ecological and economical way at the same time.

The ML 2 is compact and can even be integrated in existing furniture. That way the check-in desk stays tidy and professional. Loreann de Nava, Receptionist at the Novotel Suite Cannes Centre that belongs to AccorHotels is already convinced. Check out this video to find out what are the most important benefits of the ML 2 at the check-in at Novotel: 

The ML 2 provides Security in the Hospitality Industry