Cost adjustments and extended delivery times

October 22nd 2021

Dear Sir or Madam,
Dear business partners,

Set off by the corona crisis, we have been confronted with the ongoing shortage of raw materials and components for months. We are currently affected by drastic price increases and significantly higher delivery times and a reverse of this trend is not in sight.

Through considerable expenses, like pre-procurements, we have done everything in the last few months to ensure our ability to deliver and temporarily compensated for a considerable part of these cost increases.

Since a recovery of the market situation isn’t foreseeable, we are now unfortunately forced to adjust our prices. We therefore ask for your understanding that we have to include the additional cost in our calculations partially and adjust our prices accordingly. We reserve the right to review and, if necessary, adjust prices and delivery times of existing offers after their validity has expired.

Our strengths remain in the high flexibility of our production and the quick response to your needs. In individual cases, delivery times may increase due to bottlenecks and longer delivery times for our materials. If you have any questions about specific delivery dates for your order, please ask your contact person from our sales department for details.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to our future cooperation.

Kind regards

PrehKeyTec GmbH

Erik Miersch
Managing Director