Coop Pronto – perfect integration

Coop Pronto – perfect integration

Patrik Schenkel, CEO of Primelco System Device AG:

"The ML 2 is ideal for the fast and dependable acquisition of machine-readable data, and integrating these scanners in the BiCA Retail Solution terminals turned out to be quite straightforward."

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DFS Case Study

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH | Reliability where it counts

Jürgen Holzer, Product Manager Flight Data Processing, Tower Unit:

"We are sure that we have chosen an excellent solution and that we are well prepared for the future."

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Jacom – a made-to-measure system

Jacom – a made-to-measure system

Uwe Jablonowski, Managing Director of Jacom:

"The MCI 84 is a very sturdy and reliable keyboard; we haven’t had any problems with it and certainly no complaints."

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Case study Markgrafen

Markgrafen – Robustness and flexibility for a long lifetime

Josef Bauer, Leiter IT-Infrastruktur der Markgrafen-Getränkevertrieb-GmbH:

"The MCI 128 keyboard is an extremely durable and made-to-last keyboard – despite the harsh environment."

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Oncology Centrum HospiTouch keyboard

Oncology Centrum Gliwice - a Flat and Hygienic Surface

Andrzej Kurowski, Director of P.U.H Hant:

"The completely flat hygienic wipe clean surface with integrated mouse and its reliable operation convinced the end user of the benefits of the HospiTouch keyboard."

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Case Study Power Automation America, Inc.

Power Automation America, Inc.

Hans Platt, CEO of PA America Inc.:

"For the keyboard duplicating the control features we needed a reliable easy to customize and programmable keyboard. With PrehKeyTec we found the ideal partner who could customize it for our articulate mount and could integrate a mouse device."

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Visual inspection station keyboard

Preh GmbH – Reliability guarantees high quality

Thomas Eckert, Process Engineer at Preh GmbH:

“The MCI 30 keyboard from PrehKeyTec helps us to perform the inspections of our products more efficiently and reliably.” 

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Tax accountant keyboard

Schuster & Walther

Norbert Zinkel, Managing Director of Schuster & Walther IT-Kanzlei GmbH:

"A single key click replaces the complex navigation by mouse or the three-finger salute, and instantaneously opens the requested application."

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