Programmable full travel keyboards

The compact fully travel keyboards offer customers a fully programmable layout, with the ability to customise the layout to individual needs. They require little space, are extremley reliable and user friendly and can provide additional data input options. 

Full travel keyboards MCI 111
MCI 30 Reliable and modular flexibility

MCI 30

MCI 60 Compact cashdesk keyboards

MCI 60

MSI 60 Compact cashdesk keyboards

MSI 60

MCI 84

MCI 84

MCI 96 Reliable cashdesk keyboards

MCI 96

MCI 111 Professional OCR reader keyboard

MCI 111

MCI 128 Reliable cashdesk keyboards

MCI 128

MCI 3000 / 3100 Reliable cashdesk keyboards

MCI 3000/3100

MC 147 Programmable data input systems

MC 147

MW 820 Mobile Vehicle Keyboard

MW 820

Flat surface keyboards

Advanced capacitive technology allows us to offer customers a flat hygienic and fluid proof solution for industrial, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

GIL 2700 Keyboard with a glass surface
GIK 2700 Alphanumeric keyboard with glass surface

GIK 2700

Hospitouch Alphanumeric keyboard with glass surface


Rugged silicone keyboards

Illuminated silicone keyboards provide protection against fluid ingress and offer a rugged reliable surface against harsh environments. The ability for operators to work seamlessly while wearing gloves allows compliance to key health and safety concerns. 

SIK 2500 Keyboard with silicon surface
SIK 2500 black - the illuminated silicone keyboard

SIK 2500 black

SIK 2500 white - the illuminated silicone keyboard

SIK 2500 white

SIK 21-Num

SIK 21

SIK 65-Alpha

SIK 65

PrehKeyTec Productivity-Calculator

Operator productivity can be maximised by programming repeatative tasks as well as complex application navigation, via a single key press. Cost savings are realised by increased productivity, errors are reduced and process control improved.

Workplace 3 minutes Working days/week Personnel costs/hour Saving per year Number of workplaces
hours Time advantage/hour At 50 weeks
per min =
8 hours/day 24 min./day min./week
10 hours/day 30 min./day min./week
12 hours/day 36 min./day min./week


Make your personnel entry in the colored cells