MTF & MCI OEM Keypad Input Solution

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PrehKeyTec MTF keypads are the building blocks for many OEM data input solutions where a third part encoder board is used. These row and column matrices allow users to configure the layout required and accept various keycaps sizes as detailed below. They are available in four small form factor sizes and have a proven reliability from many years of deployment in commercial applications.

The MTF range offers a unique, full travel membrane construction providing a high quality and reliable solution in an easily reconfigurable format. The keypads are IP54 rated for ingress protection, offering dust and fluid resistance for a long working life. The keypad layout can be reconfigured using a special PrehKeyTec tool which helps to lift keys from the guide pad, allowing customers to maximise their layout and adapt as requirements change. Customers can choose to self label keys or have PrehKeyTec laser etch or engrave the keycaps with customer graphics and symbols. Single, double and quad keycaps are available, please enquire about any custom size requirements. Blank key covers are also available for unused key positions.

The PrehKeyTec patented key cap levelling mechanism assures full level travel and consistent actuation for multi position keys no matter how the key is struck, the actuation force being a mere 2.1 ounces(0.6N) regardless of key size. That is perfect for an ergonomic long-term use.

The MTF range are commercial grade integratable keypads and will not be affected by moderate amounts of moisture and dust making them suitable for some industrial applications. The flexible connection tail plugs into a supplied 1.25mm commercial grade connector which can be readily soldered in your own PCB’s.

MCI 84 & 96 Bare matrix

  • More than 30 million keystrokes for each position
  • Front of keypad is protected against dust and splashing water
  • Single and multiple keys with equal actuating force




  • Free-programmable key positions
  • Key exchange technique
  • Single, double and multiple keys
  • Colored keys
  • Customized labelling of keys


PrehKeyTec is also able to offer a 7 x 12 84 key & 6 x 16 96 key matrix for OEM integration, offering all the benefits of the MTF range but in larger configurable formats. The solution can be supplied with or with out an encoder board, if the encoder board is provided then the customer benefits from a fully programmable keyboard, with a single USB connection for easy integration into any system electronics.

Technical Data

Standard Configurations Size (Rows-Cols Overall Size Panel Cut Out
MTF 20 5 x 4 123 x 88mm 96mm x 77mm
MTF 25 5 x 5 123mm x 107mm 96mm x 96mm
MTF 28 7 x 4 161mm x 88mm 134mm x 77mm
MTF 40 5 x 8 123mm x 164mm 96mm x 153mm
Key Travel 3.5mm (0.138)
Actuation Force 0.6N, +0.2/-0.1 (2.1 oz, +0.07/-0.35)
Life Cycle >30 Million operations per key
Key Spacing 19mm
Contact Bounce 3ms Typ. 5ms Max
Contact Rating 30V Max, 20mA
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +50 °C (+14 °F to +122 °F)
Base Plate Aluminum (custom sizes and fixings available)