Mobile Vehicle Keyboard

The MW820 rugged mobile vehicle keyboard has been designed to provide a turnkey high performance data entry solution for the most demanding in-vehicle applications.

The MW820 is an alphanumeric keyboard offering users the ability to easily input data within in-vehicle environments, with the additional benefit of an integrated glide pad for quick and trouble free application navigation. Having been specifically designed for use in demanding environments across a range of emergency responder organisations, it offers a truly rugged and reliable solution.

Applications for this keyboard include Military vehicles, Police vehicles, Fire and Ambulance Emergency services, Command and Control vehicles, Plant and Warehousing vehicles and any specialist mobile vehicle application.

The MW820 offers users the advantage of back lighting on each key and also on the glide pad, making the unit suitable for all lighting conditions and operation in harsh and reduced lighting conditions. The integrated glide pad provides standard application navigation coupled with a quick response selection buttons for application control and selection.

The keyboard also features visual Caps lock and Num lock activation indication by changing the illuminated colour from red to green, allowing users to clearly see the current state of both keys. With the addition of PrehKeyTec's silicone membrane switch technology, the keyboard offers unparalleled reliability, with dust and fluid ingress protection.

In addition to the keyboard PrehKeyTec are able to provide a rugged mounting bracket for static or mobile applications. Each bracket consists of a lightweight aluminium base plate with three hex key secured securing brackets. Each bracket can be customised to suit your own mounting requirements and can also be finished in a range of anodised colours. Should you need a custom mounting solution then please contact us with your requirements.

Technical Data

Features subject to build and final configuration Illuminated USB Mobile Vehicle Keyboard with integrated Glide pad
Key illumination can be adjusted in intensity, 7 levels
Software updates via USB interface
Reliability Protected to IP54
Operating Temperature -30° C to +70° C (glide pad 0°C to +50°C)
Storage Temperature - 40° C to 85° C
Dimensions 200 x 24 x 320 (DxHxW)
Weight 1.15Kg
Key layout International, UK, German or Custom
Color Black/dark grey
PC connectivity USB interface (<500 mA including lighting)
Lighting Red LED by each key and glide pad surround
2 status LEDs (NUM and CAPS), illuminated green when "on"
Life > 10 million operations per key
  1. CE
  2. Emission EN55022:2006 + A1, FCC Part 15 Class B
  3. Safety UL 60950
  4. Immunity EN 55024:1998 + A1:2001 + A2:2003 Electrostatic Discharge according to EN61000-4-2 ±15kV air discharge, ±8kV direct discharge. Electro-magnetic field according to DIN EN61000-4-3, 10 V / m.
  1. Vibration MIL STD 810E; Method 514.4 - Functional
  2. Crash Hazard MIL 810E-516.4 Proc V
  3. Thermal Shock -40° C to +80° C within 15 seconds, 2 hours in each level
  4. Salt Spray MIL STD 810E 509.3 Proc.I, 8 hours min. 5% NaCl
  5. Solar Radiation MIL 810E 505.3 PROCǀ24 HR cycles 7 cycles
  6. Flammability UL94-HB (optional V0 housing only).
Mounting Option A rugged three point light weight mounting bracket is available suitable for ball joint adjustment fixing or custom fixing as required.


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