Individual and reliable cash register keyboards

Custom and reliable cash register keyboards for POS projects in Russia

The Challenge

Crystal Service Integration (CSI) is a leading solution provider for the Russian retail industry. The integrator was looking for an extremely reliable and compact data entry solution, which should be easy to integrate into the provider's high-quality POS terminals, both in terms of hardware and software. The high quality of the solution was particularly important to CSI. The check-out-system must function reliably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even under the extreme conditions in retail. Due to the limited space in the checkout area, Crystal Service Integration wanted a space-saving solution. Finally, CSI was looking for a customizable, individual layout.

The Solution

The programmable keyboards from the German manufacturer PrehKeyTec meet all of these requirements. The cash register keyboards could smoothly be integrated into CSI's check-out software. Flexible extensions such as key switches and magnetic card readers simplify and accelerate log on as well as payment processes with credit or customer cards. They can be integrated directly into the keyboard, creating a particularly space-saving solution. The laser etched inscription with Cyrillic letters offers easy operation for cashiers in various markets. The reliability and user-friendliness of the keyboards has already been proven in several projects with leading Russian retailers.



“CSI is committed to deliver excellent quality and reliable systems to its customers. That is why we needed an equally reliable partner when it came to the in time delivery of products with the highest quality standards. PrehKeyTec was able to meet our expectations here. Thanks to their ergonomic design and the possibility of individualization, the programmable keyboards of the MCI series are reliable and easy to use. With their extremely high flexibility and reliability, they are ideally suited for our professional POS environment with high loads."

Fedor Pryimak, Product Manager at CSI


Cyrillic keyboard
Programmable Keyboard
Custom cash register keyboard
Reliable cash register keyboard


CSI has been a leading solution provider for POS systems in Russia for 26 years. The integrator develops software and hardware in-house and oversees projects with over 300 partners in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to the setup, the support and maintenance of the systems is also part of CSI’s services. So far, the company has set up around 150,000 checkout terminals. 350 employees at the locations in Saint Petersburg and Moscow take excellent care of all partners.


PrehKeyTec GmbH designs and manufactures intelligent data entry and multi-functional solutions for many demanding applications. This includes customised programmable keyboards and keypads, along with data input devices. These solutions reduce the complexities of inputting data at the point of entry and therefore deliver operational benefits for the customer. All over the world, PrehKeyTec’s products are being used, from retail to banking, to industrial and aviation applications. PrehKeyTec GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards, has many years of experience in design and manufacturing, and operates from its own manufacturing plant in Mellrichstadt, Northern Bavaria, offering true “Made in Germany” solutions.