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These models are equipped with original EloTouch controller.

Latest drivers can be downloaded directly from the touch controller manufacturer's website (select Single-Touch driver - for AccuTouch 5wire-resistive technology):

Driver Page on


Note: For older serial models MC 15 T7 and MC 12 we advise to use previous driver version 4.6.3b from the ELO archive:

Product number 76504-20x/xxxx, -21x/xxxx and -22x/xxxx
Latest MCI Touch Driver V2.4.3 for MCI 15 and MCI 15Tx (Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP 01/02/2007 - 3.5MB)

Attention: We're sorry, MCITouch drivers for Vista, Windows7 and newer are not available. Especially the 64bit editions are not supported. Further information is available here.

Module drivers and manuals:
MCI 15TR4 (square model 76504-21x/xxxx): Please see section Modules und Utilities below. 
MC15 C2 (round model 76504-20x/xxxx):  Please see the original driver CD.

Latest eGalax/TouchKit drivers are available directly from the manufacturer's page EGalax / EETI:

For old RS232 TouchScreen models MC15 T4/T5/T6 we suggest to use the Touchkit driver below:
 TouchKit Driver Package for Windows 2000/XP Version for model MC15 T4/T5/T6
 (Windows 2000/XP Version - Feb. 04 2005 - 4.0MB)

 MTE 15 - MSR Module (76504-25x/0800)
ZIP package including the configuration utility (external link to manufacturer page).

 MCI 15 T4 - MSR Module (90328-90x/0800)
Assembly and installation instructions - PDF document (2011/01/28)
Regarding drivers and configuration please refer to step 5 of this PDF document. This MSR module has same drivers and configuration possibilities as our MCI USB keyboard series. The factory default configuration is ready for OPOS usage (you won't see the data in notepad). You can change this to your demands using the latest WinProgrammer. All necessary drivers and utilities can be found on the keyboard page.

 MCI 15 T4 - VFD LineDisplay Module DM02 (90328-90x/0800)
ZIP package including manuals, drivers and configuration tools. Please see included readme.txt for details. Includes also MCI15T4_DM02.pdf with assembly and installation instructions. (2011/02/08)

 MC15 T4/T5/T6/T7 - Magnetic stripe reader module (using PS/2 keyboard wedge)
Configuration utility for the PS2 Wedge MSR of MC15 T4/T5/T6 and T7 (76504-08x/xxxx) for DOS, Windows (outdated, 01/20/2005)

MicroTouch Controller (old MC15T1 models)
Please download touch drivers for old MC15 T1 models directly from the controller manufacturer's site (controller model MT510): 3M Microtouch driver page on

MCI TouchKey

The TouchKey module on the left side offers full flexibility to place buttons, text and graphics. Configuration is created using the TouchKey Programmer. The resulting XML based configuration can be changed at any time - also during runtime by the customer's application.

 TouchKey Programmer V2.0 (Build 110406)
Use the TouchKey Programmer to create the TouchKey XML configuration. Please see included readme for details. (Apr.  06 2011)

 TKDemo_(Build 110406)
TouchKey Demo Application - please see included readme for details. (Apr.  06 2011)

Minimum system requirements for both packages:
Operating system Windows XP.
Installed .NET framework 2.0 Runtime - Download here.

The keyboard section on the right side has all features and benefits of our USB keyboards of the MCI family. Programming of keyboard and other modules (MSR, Keylock) is done as usual.

Please go to the Keyboard page to download the latest WinProgrammer.
The MCI 96 TouchKey templates you can find here: Use menu "File->New" and select tab "Modules".

 MCI TouchKey - Manual (V15 - EN/DE - Feb. 09 2011)
 MCI TouchKey - TechDoc (Rev.C - EN - Feb. 09 2011)
 TouchKey Programmer - Getting started (EN - Aug. 06 2008)

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