Glass Keyboards

Glass Keyboards

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Our durable glass keyboards for industrial, medical and pharmaceutical applications are:


Whether in the industrial sector or for medical and pharmaceutical applications – in dirty or sterile environments – their special design makes our glass keyboards exceptionally resistant. Due to the enclosed surface and robust design, PrehKeyTec glass keyboards are dust-tight, protected against liquids and suitable for extreme temperature ranges.

Easy to clean

With the built-in cleaning function, you are able to clean and disinfect the glass surface quickly and easily – without having to unplug the keyboard during your work process.

Easy to integrate

Use a VESA adapter to easily mount the keyboard. The keyboard is plug-and-play ready and can also be installed directly into your furniture.

Easy and fast to use

Use the keyboard with thin latex gloves, without interrupting ongoing work processes. The touch sensitivity of the capacitive glass keyboard can be controlled individually.

Highly durable

Benefit from our solutions for years! The flat surface protects the glass keyboards from mechanical wear. Our construction without moving parts increases their lifespan even more.

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