Programmable Keyboard


Our tailor-made keyboards for professional use are:


By programming individual keys, we customize our professional keyboards exactly to your needs. You can shorten complex processes to a single key click to work much faster. That saves time and money. Find out how much time you can save by using our free Productivity Calculator:


You design your own modular keyboard. Choose the key layout that suits your needs the best. You determine the key size, arrangement, lettering and color yourself. Thanks to the flexible design, we can directly integrate individual modules such as RFID or fingerprint readers.

Reliable & durable

Rely on our keyboards. Our products are developed and produced in Germany. The sturdy construction, the use of high-quality materials and constant quality controls allow you to use PrehKeyTec keyboards for years to come – with no downtime or maintenance costs. That way your total cost of ownership will be minimized.

Ergonomic & easy to use

The design of our keyboards always follows the most important DIN, EN and ISO standards for ergonomics. This makes them easy to use, ensuring fast and error-free data entry. At the same time, learning and training costs are kept to a minimum.

Easy & fast to integrate

Our keyboards are delivered plug-and-play ready. They are operating system independent and easily implemented in existing systems.

Discover our programmable keyboards:

Integrate individual modules into your keyboard:


Fingerprint reader in the keyboard

With a fingerprint scanner, you can uniquely identify or verify people. We currently use optical or capacitive sensors for this technology.


Smart card in the keyboard

A wide range of application possibilities is guaranteed with our chip card readers.


MSR in the keyboard

Our magnetic card readers work bidirectionally and are thus particularly ergonomic.


OCR in the keyboard

For reading travel and ID documents, our reliable OCR reader is the perfect tool.

Key locks

Key lock in the keyboard

Easily control your access rights at the POS with an integrated key lock.


Touchpads in the keyboard

Touchpads serve as a mouse replacement and provide a compact solution when available space is limited.

Some of our modules can only be offered for selected keyboards as a standard option. Nevertheless we love to offer you a customized solution for your project. Let’s get in touch:




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