We found out that repetitive processes and time-consuming mouse navigation (for example through large menus) can often be a burden on office productivity. Recurring tasks such as composing e-mails, navigating to file paths, filling out forms, logging in or navigating to the desired printer can be true time and nerve-wreckers in the office routine.

To counteract this problem, we offer modular office keyboards, with programmable keys tailored to your specific requirements. Programmable means that entire processes can be triggered automatically and run through with one keystroke, thereby shortening them considerably. From simple shortcuts to complex macros – you can make office workflows more efficient and convenient.

Modular means that you decide for yourself how many keys you need. Choose a compact keyboard with 30, 60 or 84 keys or a complete alphanumeric keyboard with rows of programmable keys. You also get to decide how you want to design the layout of your keyboard. We will be happy to advise you on key sizes, arrangement, labelling and colors.

This is not only worthwhile for standard office work or typical Lean Office improvements, but especially for the operation of special industry software such as applications for tax firms, logistics companies or CAD users. Contact us to find out how we can optimize your individual application.
Our office keyboards aim to increase your efficiency, allowing you to improve your workflows. With this Lean Office approach, we enable you to work more comfortably, simplify processes and save valuable time. This leads to optimized resource utilization and ultimately financial benefits for your company. Put an end to time-consuming mouse clicks and laborious navigation for recurring tasks.

The achieved time and cost savings make it clear that our office keyboard is a valuable investment that pays off in the short term. Our customers report savings of 15-30 minutes per day, which corresponds to 40-80 hours over the course of a year.

Products and Solutions


As the perfect addition to your standard keyboard, our compact keyboards give you plenty of space for your key commands. Stay flexible with a compact solution that you can easily take with you if you work from home and that fits on any desk due to its small size.

An individualized keyboard layout according to your needs ensures easy operation. Our smart programming tools make even the most diverse programs quick and easy to use, as multiple actions can be performed in a targeted and application-specific manner with just a single keystroke. You save a lot of time at work by making the processes in your office more efficient and comfortable.



CAD Keyboard
Compact Office Keyboard
Tax Office Keyboard
Video Call Keyboard
Keyboard for Video Calls


Programmable Office Keyboard
Office Keyboard

The all-in-one-solution features an ergonomic, alphanumeric layout with enough space for over 20 programmable keys. Whether it’s simple shortcuts or complex macros – shorten your processes to one keystroke and create a working environment according to Lean thinking by minimizing the waste of time and resources.

Especially for regularly recurring tasks, where time-consuming navigation and multiple mouse clicks rob you of valuable working time, the use of a programmed PrehKeyTec keyboard quickly pays off.



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