Retail and Commercial Banking Teller Solutions

Both the retail and commercial banking sectors have been using PrehKeyTec keyboards and keypads for many years to further enhance their data input capabilities, helping to reduce customer queuing, improving security and aiding efficiency.

With the ability to design the layout to aid data input, customers benefit from increased speed of data input, reducing errors, helping with high adoption rates with new users and greatly improving software application navigation. With the added benefit of being able to integrate additional data input devices, PrehKeyTec is able to offer a fully integrated data input device, saving cost’s, reducing desktop clutter, simplifying cable runs and improving efficiency.

The programmability of the individual keys also provides additional benefits, allowing repetitive tasks to be automated, helping with software application navigation and allowing authorisation tasks to be managed seamlessly. 

As financial institutions face additional concerns over money laundering and fraud, PrehKeyTec is able to provide additional security systems integrated into the keyboard to help customers minimise the risk. The ability to add smart card readers (SCR) and biometric finger print readers provides users with additional and up to date secure authentication methods. For added biometric security an FBI approved finger print reader can be integrated into a single custom keyboard solution, thereby improving the security, saving on counter space, and importantly providing multi-level authentication.

Additional data input devices can include a magnetic swipe card reader (MSR), a pointing device (glide pad or joy stick) and/or an OCR (optical character recognition) reader. The emergence of RFID for ePassport and digital identity applications can also be provided.

Further customization of the keyboard or keypad could be achieved by branding the solution with the customer’s corporate logo or name, matching the keyboards housing colour with corporate colours can also be considered.

PrehKeyTec’s banking solutions have been utilised by many large organisations in fraud transaction prevention, money laundering reduction, dual smart card customer/banking clerk transaction authorisation.