PrehKeyTec offers customers independent design and manufacturing. Years of experience across many market sectors and a wide range of technologies, allows PrehKeyTec to offer bespoke design and manufacturing services.

Covering initial design concepts and design consultancy, to draft conceptual design and prototyping, to full production and life time support for the product or solution, PrehKeyTec is a partner of choice for many leading OEM providers and system builders.

With our in-house production and assembly, we offer our customers a multi-level quality control before a product leaves our house. Quality made in Germany!

PrehKeyTec stands for specially developed and manufactured data entry solutions  tailored to your requirements.


of our employees
work in R&D


  • ECAD
  • Firmware
  • Hard-/Software
  • API
  • USB


  • HMI
  • Smart card reader, RFID, NFC
  • OCR, MSR
  • Pointing devices
  • Fingerprint
  • Scanner


  • Product optimized choice of materials
  • 3D CAD
  • Prototypes
  • Certificates

More than 35 years experience

ISO certified

Internal purchasing

Testing options

Test laboratory

Mechanical, hardware and
software development

Automotive background

Hardware Design

Electronic development

Schematic diagrams

PCB layouts

Regulations (e. g. CE, FCC etc.)

From idea to working sample

Research & Development

Electronic development

Software development

Mechanical design

Material engineering

From idea to working sample

Software Capabilities

Embedded software 
on microcontrollers

Drivers and hardware
related software

Software to demonstrate the
hardware functionality

Operating system support for
Windows (7, 8, 10, 10IOT, 32
and 64 Bit), Linux (32 and 64 Bit)
and Android

SDK`s (Windows, Linux, Android)

Firmware updates &
configuraiton tools

Data encryption

Firmware for data input devices

Mechanical Design

Lifetime optimized development

Designing reusable modules
(fingerprint, etc.)

Concepts according to your spec.

Concepts with alternatives

Optimized for mechanical and
climatic conditions

Design appropriate for tooling
(reduce tolling costs)

Full 3D based development

Regulatory (UL, CE, ISO etc.)

From idea to designed product
and production

In-house Expertise

Experience with different
operating systems

Experience providing different
interfaces (Serial, USB, LAN, WLAN,
RFID, NFC, Bluetooth etc)

Providing solution in different
materials (plastic, silicon,
metal, glass)

Working with modern adhesives

Offering the latest technologies
(WLAN, NFC, 3D design)

Circuit board