Silicone Keyboard

Silicone Keyboards

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Our robust silicone keyboards for the industry, logistics and medical sector are:


With PrehKeyTec's silicone keyboards, you are well prepared for extreme conditions in harsh environments. The enclosed surface prevents dust and liquids from entering the keyboard. Our silicone keyboards are at minimum IP65 rated as well as shock and vibration resistant.

Temperature resistant

The robust silicone keyboards still work well in extremely cold and hot temperatures – even if temperature changes occur quickly.


Shorten your work processes by reducing repetitive sequences and activities to a single key click. Boost your productivity with this exceptional feature that is unique on the market.


By illuminating the individual keys with LEDs, we guarantee easy and error-free data entry even in the dark or in poor lighting conditions. The wear-resistant labeling ensures that key labels are still readable, even after many years of use.

Easy to handle

The silicone keyboards can be operated with work gloves so that current processes don’t have to be interrupted. The enclosed surface makes it easy to clean and disinfect the keyboards.

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