GIK 2700

Alphanumeric keyboard with glass surface

GIK-2700 is an alphanumeric keyboard with a glass surface for use in industrial applications. Special capacitive sensors execute the relevant key codes when the surface is touched. For optimum use, this keyboard is also equipped with an integrated glide pad. The technology used can also be operated when wearing thin gloves. The surface is resistant to acid, hand perspiration, dust and fluids.

This keyboard has been specifically designed with industrial technology in mind, but is also ideal for use in other environments with unfavourable environmental conditions. 


  • Cleaning function (keys deactivated)
  • Acoustic feedback (4 levels of adjustment)
  • 18 mm key grid
  • Water-resistant
  • Wear-resistant lettering
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted on 4 levels
  • Certifications: CE, UKCA, FCC, RoHS, REACH


  • High lifetime (no moving parts)
  • Protected against low pressure water jets
  • Shockproof
  • Can be easily cleaned with disinfectant agents

Technical Data

Key layout

German or US international layout (other national layouts available on request)

18 mm key grid

Integrated touchpad with mouse buttons

PC connection

USB interface (~50 mA)

No special drivers required (as keyboard registers as an USB device)


White (similar to RAL 9002)

Black (similar to RAL 9011)

Other color on request


3 status LEDs (NUM, CAPS und SCROLL)

Radio interference

The device complies with the limit values of the following standards with regard to radio interference:

1. CE

2. EN55022, FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class A Electrostatic discharge DIN EN 61000-4-2, After test ±15 kV Air- and ± 8 kV contact discharge Electromagnetic field DIN EN 61000-4-3, 10 V/m

3. EN 60601-1-2

Temperature ranges

Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C

Storage temperature -40°C to +60°C

Protection types

IP 65 for the keyboard

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