PrehKeyTec - Engineering Advantages

Within the OEM solutions division, PrehKeyTec are able to offer customers a full design and manufacturing service for any data input solution they may need.

With extensive experience designing solutions for demanding applications, extreme climatic conditions, high vibration and for use within rugged harsh industrial environments, PrehKeyTec has the capability to offer an individual, customer-specific design and production service for demanding “Input and HMI” solutions.

Utilising the latest embedded microcontrollers and software, PrehKeyTec has the ability to design solutions against your specifications in a timely and cost effective manner. With experience across Windows, Linux and Android operating systems, as well as with custom drivers and software, as well as extensive experience with a range of programming languages, to include C, C ++, C#, Java, XML, HTML, Scripts, APPs and SDK’s.

With evolving as well as legacy communications systems in use, PrehKeyTec is able to demonstrate competence in a varying number of different interfaces, including serial RS232/485, USB, LAN, WLAN, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth, so whatever communications protocol you require, we have the necessary capability to provide the most suitable for your application and requirements.

Security of data is also an aspect of design which PrehKeyTec can cater for, having capabilities in data encryption using the latest industry standards and government requirements. With a structured approach to all design elements and utilising modern materials (plastic, silicon, metal, glass) as well as alternative assembly and production methods i.e. specialist and industrial adhesive assembly, 3D printing, die casting moulding, specialist silicon’s) , PrehKeyTec is able to recommend the best way forward. With our own in-house production and assembly, we provide multi stage quality control, resulting in highly reliable and durable solutions.

Our services are

  • Concept development from customer requests
  • Assessment of commercial viability
  • Prototype production and evaluation
  • Development of production process
  • Commencement of in-house commercial production and manufacturing
  • Engineering and production feasibility
  • Detailed design work including prototyping

Post Design Services

Design and production is then supported with our expert in-house and service support team, throughout the life cycle of the designed solution or system. Telephone and remote support for set up and configuration as well as software or firmware updates can be provided, along with redesign or further development where required, all helping to optimize the life time of the developed solutions.