Passenger processing is one of the main challenges in aviation today, particularly with passenger numbers rising from year to year. Airports and airlines have to satisfy their customers with quick and simple passenger processing, making travelling as comfortable as possible. Short waiting times and excellent customer service are the most important elements when it comes to creating a great passenger experience. With PrehKeyTec’s high quality solutions, data input itself is faster because the devices are easy to handle and have very high good-read rate of travel documents. Downtimes can also be avoided, resulting in reduced waiting time and increased passenger satisfaction.

The quality of the customer service on the other hand is driven by front line-employees. For the perfect passenger experience the staff not only has to be fast and friendly, but also competent and professional. With our easy to use devices your staff will always have the tools to increase customer service and deliver your brand message.

Fast: Save valuable time at check-in. The premium quality of our products guarantees a high good-read rate of travel documents that leads to faster passenger processing.

Reliable: Our input solutions are robust and durable. This will help you to avoid downtimes and repair costs and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Easy: Due to ease of use, new employees can quickly learn to operate our input devices reducing training time.

Small footprint: Our compact solutions combine different functions. That way you can save a lot of space, making the appearance of your working area highly professional.

Ergonomic: All of our solutions are designed ergonomically and match the according norms.

We are CUTE & CUPPS certified:

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All key positions are programmable and configurable for your ultimate flexibility. You can save time by using just a single key click for long repetitive sequences. The two internal readers operate bidirectionally. This means that the input device is ergonomic and easy-to-use for both right and left-handed users. The optional integrated glidepad allows you to save even more space at your desk, making a mouse unnecessary.

CUTE & CUPPS certified: Amadeus, Materna (Ultra), Resa, Rockwell Collins, Sita, TravelSky


Both readers work bidirectionally, have a status indicator for good/bad reading and a buzzer for acoustic feedback. So it’s easy to use for every employee. You can install the ML 2 A flush-mounted into your furniture, requiring little space and keeping your employee‘s desks neat.

CUTE & CUPPS certified: Amadeus, Materna (Ultra), Resa, Rockwell Collins, Sita


Our programmable full travel keyboards adapt to your needs and applications with a variety of integrable modules. They are characterized by their reliability and durability.

Robust silicone keyboards are the best solution for data input in harsh environments. They are programmable, protected against liquids and dust and – thanks to their lighting – they can also be used in the dark or in low light conditions.

Full-Travel keyboard MCI 30
Silicone Keyboard SIK 65

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Fields of Application

  • Check-in
  • Immigration
  • Passport & Border Control
  • Boarding Gates
  • Kiosk Terminals
  • eTicketing
    • Self Service Systems (e. g. Self Bag Drop)
    • Reservations & Rental
    • Tower
    • Repair & Maintenance
    • Security applications
    • And much more

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