Technologies used by PrehKeyTec


PrehKeyTec offers customers an additional resource for their advanced or more standard data entry challenges.

Having the ability to have an independent view coupled with experts across a wide range of technologies and production methods allows our partners to truly explore the potential of a specification or design concept.

Technologies used by PrehKeyTec in more challenging environments, can and often filter down into more standard applications.

This experience allows us to truly explore the best technologies and production techniques for reliable and secure operation across an extended life time of a product or solution.

As an in-house manufacturer, real life experience allows us to offer cost effective and timely production for system sub-assemblies or a full solution, across a range of data input requirements and from small-scale to large-scale production.

Among others, we use the following technologies for our keyboards and reading devices:


Our readers support the full RFID frequency range from 125 kHz through to 2.4 GHz and depending on the requirement we can support both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. Typical applications include identification, security, loyalty recognition, logistics and smart phone connectivity.


NFC offers a contactless exchange of data at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Working to ISO 14443, ISO 15693 and ISO 18092 standards a fully enabled NFC solution can be offered. NFC is widely used in communicating with NFC enabled mobile devices typically smart phones, as well as other mobile devices and NFC tags.

Smart Card Reader

Our smart card technology supports current standards such as ISO 7816, EMV 2000, Microsoft WHQL, USB CCID and PC/ SC. We also support the application interface CT-API, which is typically used in the health insurance card / eGK environments. Typical uses include online banking, electronic ID cards, logical access control systems and digital signature applications.


Our ability to offer biometric finger print reading technology allows us to engineer secure systems. Being able to provide both optical as well as capacitive technologies and having the ability to read dry, damp and rough finger prints. Enhanced FBI recognition (FIPS-201 compliant) can also be provided, offering a greater level of security and compliance. For complete system integration an SDK is offered providing support for varying environments and operating systems. Typical applications include access control and identification.

Scan Technologies

With the ability to offer capture of 1D and 2D barcodes as well as reading travel documents conforming to ICAO 9303. The additional ability to take a photograph of a document is also available, along with the ability to scan paper documents and documents displayed on a smart phone. With the addition of RFID reader a full ePassport or eID can be read. Typical applications include banking, airport check–in and general identification applications.


Encryption of sensitive data is possible with our internal encryption hardware and software. Whether magnetic card data or data from travel documents, encryption takes place within the reading device. This increases security and provides the user with protection from key loggers or similar spy software. Different algorithms (eg AES, TDES) and methods (PKI, HASH, ECDH) are supported, offering a flexible and diverse approach.