MCI 128

Reliable cashdesk keyboards

The compact MCI keyboards are cashdesk keyboards for the point of sale. They require little space, are extremely reliable and userfriendly and excel by ergonomic handling and modular flexibility.


  • 128 free-programmable key positions
  • Key exchange technique
  • Single, double and multiple keys


  • More than 30 million keystrokes for each position
  • Front of keypad is protected against dust and splashing water
  • Single and multiple keys with equal actuating force


  • 3 track magnetic stripe reader
  • 6 position keylock with 5 keys
  • Colored keys
  • Customized labelling of keys
  • OPOS and Java POS drivers
  • Glidepad
  • Smart card reader

Technical Data

Key electronic Flash-Memory USB free programmable
OPOS- Java POS driver
Alpha layout or numeric layout (8 x 16) with 128 free programmable key positions
Size 320 mm x 235 mm (W x D)
Features Modular design requiring minimum space
4 status LEDs
Menu-driven programmer software
DOS, Linux and Windows compatibility
Stray radiation CE Approval EN55022, FCC Subpart 15, Class A Electrostatic discharge immunity according to EN 6100-4-2, resistance limit 12 kV (air discharge).Radiated, radio-frequency electromagnetic field immunity, severity of test 10 V/m
PC-Connection USB interface
Magnetic stripe reader Card can be swiped in both directions
Reads track 1, 2 and 3 accordingISO 7810 and 7811
Additional configurations: AAMVA, CADL
Parameter configurable by WinProgrammer (Header and Terminator)
More than 1,000,000 read cycles
Specials 6 position keylock with 5 keys
Smart card reader