Cash Register Keyboards and Bump Bars at NRF 2024

At NRF 2024 we had the opportunity to showcase the seamless integration of an all-in-one point-of-sale system with our MCI 30, a compact programmable keyboard. Attendees experienced heightened checkout speed as our keyboard flawlessly complemented the system, especially in handling non-barcoded items like unit-sold products from the produce or bakery sections. The attached keyboard proved to be a valuable asset for checkout clerks, enhancing efficiency in inputting PLU codes effortlessly.

The tradeshow also provided a platform to present our robust solutions designed specifically for professional kitchens. Our water-resistant bump bar keyboards, created to minimize data input errors, received positive feedback for providing distinct haptic feedback, even when operated with gloves. Built to withstand the demands of busy kitchens, these bump bars ensure effortless cleaning and maintenance with their rugged surfaces. Attendees appreciated the individually color-coded keys, simplifying operation and speeding up processes, ultimately contributing to elevated customer satisfaction.

Thank you to all the visitors who joined us at Booth 3156 during NRF 2024! We appreciate the opportunity to connect, showcase our solutions, and discuss the latest trends in the industry. Thank you for being a part of this experience!

In NRF’s video Gius Obi (Vice President of Sales) introduces PrehKeyTec and explains why we are exhibiting at the tradeshow:

PrehKeyTec at NRF 2024