Contactless Technology Meets Reliable Data Entry in Just One Device

Our worldwide used and well-known check-in keyboard MCI 111 A now also offers integrated RFID readers. This new feature will increase your efficiency by speeding up the passenger handling processes. PrehKeyTec showed their new solutions at the Dubai Airportshow from May 17th to 19th 2022.

PrehKeyTec focuses on the satisfaction of your passengers. Passenger processing is one of the main challenges in today’s aviation. Airports and airlines must satisfy their customers with quick and simple passenger handling, making travelling as comfortable as possible. Short waiting times and excellent customer service are the most important elements when it comes to creating a great passenger experience.

By integrating RFID directly into the keyboard at your check-in you can read contactless tags while saving space on your counter. RFID technology automates data collection and vastly reduces manual inputs and human errors. That way you increase your efficiency even more by streamlining and speeding up processes. In Dubai we demonstrated how to combine our well-known reliability with modern technology.

With a built-in RFID module, you can read the data of passports, considering country-specific regulations. Our all-in-one solution is ergonomic and offers programmable keys. An integrated RFID reader makes data processing faster and offers you an even bigger scope when it comes to reading data from passports and ID documents. The durable MCI 111 A keyboards offer reliability and flexibility at the same time. Both solutions combined are the perfect match for your check-in or wherever efficient passenger handling is key.
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Michael Seidler (on the right) at the Airportshow in Dubai