Law Firm Keyboard From PrehKeyTec Increases Efficiency in the Office

On October 26, PrehKeyTec exhibited at the TAXarena in Leipzig. TAXarena is a leading innovation trade show for tax firms and takes place in a total of eight German cities on different dates.

At our booth, we showcased our keyboard specialized for law firms, which can be used to streamline and simplify workflows in the office. Keys can be individually programmed to perform predefined actions, and entire processes can be triggered automatically with a single keystroke.

Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, the use of a smart PrehKeyTec office keyboard proves to be a cost-effective and efficient solution that quickly pays off.

We extend our appreciation to all our new contacts for engaging in insightful discussions and are looking forward to welcoming you again on November 23 at the TAXarena event in Hamburg.    

PrehKeyTec at TAXarena Leipzig 2023