PrehKeyTec presents innovative check-in keyboard at Future Travel Experience

The Future Travel Experience 2023 in Singapore has become a hub of innovation, with PrehKeyTec introducing a new check-in keyboard. This fast and reliable keyboard, now CUTE & CUPPS certified, offers a promising solution for streamlining check-in processes for both passengers and airline personnel.

Senior Sales Manager Michael Seidler shared his enthusiasm for the new technology, stating, "We're delighted to be here at FTE 2023, unveiling our latest solution in travel technology. Our OCR keyboard is a versatile solution that prioritizes efficiency and ease of use."

Main features of our new OCR keyboard include:

  • Cutting-edge OCR reader for fast scanning: The advanced OCR technology ensures swift and accurate scanning of passport and ID card details, reducing check-in time and minimizing errors.
  • Reliability with an excellent good-read rate: The keyboard offers a high good-read rate, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted check-in process.
  • User-friendly design: PrehKeyTec's OCR keyboard is swipeless, simplifying the check-in process and requiring minimal workspace.
  • OCR reader + MSR+ programmable keyboard: This all-in-one keyboard combines the power of OCR technology with a Magnetic Stripe Reader and a programmable keyboard, providing versatility and convenience for airlines and travel operators.
  • Future-proof and upgradeable: The OCR keyboard is adaptable to evolving industry needs, ensuring long-term relevance and value.

PrehKeyTec’s CEO Erik Miersch expressed gratitude to all who visited our booth, stating, “We are grateful to each and every visitor who stopped by to explore our innovative check-in solution.“    

PrehKeyTec Team at FTE 2023
PrehKeyTec at FTE 2023
New Check-in Keyboard