Premium airport systems require premium input devices: PrehKeyTec strengthens partnership with Amadeus

PrehKeyTec showed its data input solutions at the Amadeus Airport IT Conference 2018. Amadeus Airport IT Americas is based in Orlando, Florida. The air transport IT company provides solutions to airports and airlines and enables them, among other things, to manage resources, optimize passenger experience and save costs.

This year’s conference took place on 3-5 April 2018, in Las Vegas. The event is an end user conference and symposium that brings airport customers and airline partners together. PrehKeyTec presented its data input solutions to nearly 50 airports and airlines. Such as our document reader PKT 4000 that is not only available as a desktop version, but also as a built-in version that can be installed flush-mounted into the user's furniture fittings. The PKT 4000 is a true all-rounder, reading magnetic cards, 1D and 2D barcodes from printed documents and mobile devices as well as passports, ePassports, ID cards and visas.     

Like all of our products the PKT 4000 is highly reliable and extremely durable. Together with the IT solutions Amadeus offers, our products guarantee smooth and dependable passenger handling at all times.


PrehKeyTec stand at the Amadeus Conference

PrehKeyTec stand at the Amadeus Conference

The Amadeus conference took place in Las Vegas
Welcome to Amadeus conference 2018
At the Amadeus conference 2018