Strategic Partnership for Innovative eID Products

We, PrehKeyTec GmbH, are pleased to announce our partnership with ELYCTIS, a renowned market leader in the field of electronic identification (eID). Our common goal is to develop innovative solutions for the fast and secure capture of data in various application areas.

Our product portfolios complement each other especially in the airport, public authority, bank and hotel sector, as well as in all areas in which eIDs are read. Two new products have already been developed as a first result of the cooperation:

eID Keyboard: 
The specially designed eID keyboard is based on the latest, future-proof RFID technology. It is used in public authorities, banks, insurance companies and other relevant areas to ensure the efficient and secure capture of eIDs. Especially in the field of “know your customer” legitimation verification, the keyboard offers state-of-the-art data capture. 

Check-in Keyboard With New OCR Technology:
Our new check-in keyboard offers an innovative alternative to the conventional OCR keyboard at the airport, as well as in hotels. The newly integrated OCR technology from ELYCTIS enables precise data capture, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy. Instead of the traditional swiping of passports, our new product allows users to conveniently insert ID cards from the top into the scanner. 
In addition to these new products, together with our new partner we also offer the opportunity of developing individually customized solutions to meet the changing requirements of the market. 

"The combination of the PrehKeyTec and ELYCTIS product portfolios makes sense, as both companies focus on capturing data efficiently and securely and avoiding manual effort. The partnership enables us to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers”, explains Erik Miersch, CEO of PrehKeyTec.     
The strategic collaboration underlines our commitment to support our customers with advanced, time-saving solutions and to drive digital transformation forward in various industries.

ELYCTIS develops hardware devices and software applications that focus on eID (ePassport, eID card, eDriver’s license, etc.).
ELYCTIS offers a wide range of fixed and mobile identity document readers that can be customized to meet the challenges of different markets. ELYCTIS readers enable application developers and system integrators to implement identity document reading functionality into any application. Specifically tailored to the requirements of ID card reading, ELYCTIS readers meet all the needs of public and private institutions. 

Gilles de Greef (CCO) and Alexandre Joly (CEO) from ELYCTIS show our CEO, Erik Miersch the clean room at their headquarters in Pertuis, France (from left to right)
eID keyboard with RFID technology
Check-in keyboard with new OCR technology