Strong Biometric Authentication – Windows Hello

PrehKeyTec’s ability to provide industry compatible solutions is further enhanced with the addition of “Windows Hello” biometric authentication. By complying with the Microsoft solution, our devices fulfil the needs of cutting edge authentication models.

Microsoft’s “Windows Hello” offers users a way to log into their devices and applications by using biometrics instead of passwords. It provides industry leading authentication management and calls for standards to be met within the connected hardware. PrehKeyTec provides compliance to these standards and allows organisations to implement an end to end trusted authentication model.

Users can now have the convenience of an integrated biometric finger print reader within the MCI range of keyboards. For systems where an additional device is suitable, our ML 4 solution is able to provide biometric finger print as well as RFID and Smart Card authentication technologies in a single standalone module.

Biometrics benefits organisations by negating the need for passwords and reducing password management overheads; it can also reduce theft and inventory shrinkage, along with co-worker log in issues.

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Windows Hello
Windows Hello keyboard
Windows Hello module