Swipeless Check-In Innovation: PrehKeyTec at the airportshow 2024

At this year's airportshow in Dubai, on of the highlights was our new check-in keyboard, which impressed attendees with its swipeless functionality and forward-thinking design.
Equipped with an advanced scanner, the CUTE & CUPPS-certified keyboard facilitates the precise reading of passport data, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the check-in process. The swipeless design simplifies operation by allowing ID documents to be inserted from the top, saving space and making the process more user-friendly. The keyboard's future-proof expandability ensures it meets the ever-evolving demands of airport environments.

Alongside our new product, we also presented our well-established solutions for air traffic and baggage control, designed to optimize operations in the control tower and baggage handling areas.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth! It was a pleasure to showcase our innovative check-in solution.

Michael Seidler at airportshow 2024