Welcome to Our New Showroom

For a while, we had an unpopular former meeting room that gradually transformed into a neglected "storage room." Thanks to the initiative of our apprentice, Nathalie Heier, the once overlooked space has been transformed into a delightful showroom.

In the historical segment of the showroom visitors can dive into our over hundred-year-old history. Here we present treasures from the early days of our keyboards and HMI development. Thus, looking at that corner of the room, it feels like a nostalgic journey back to the days of the C64. 

However, the main part of the room consists of an exhibition of current products and two demo stations, that show our current market focusses:

  • With our new check-in keyboard, we offer a cutting-edge OCR reader. The new reader ensures swift and accurate passport and ID card scanning, reducing time and minimizing errors at airport and hotel check-ins.
  • Our efficient office solution provides programmed keys to automatically trigger, run through, and extremely shorten entire processes. The keyboard we demonstrate in our showroom is set up to show how we can save a lot of time in law firms. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, the use of our office keyboard pays off quickly.

With our new showroom we are able to showcase our roots, along with current products and solutions, enabling brief conversations, meetings with business partners, and internal gatherings. 

We hope to welcome you to our new showroom soon and look forward to your visit! 

PrehKeyTec's showroom is now open
Demostation airport
PrehKeyTec table