How can I effectively clean and disinfect my keyboard in times of COVID-19?

Whether it is in your home or in your company’s office – especially in times of COVID-19, a clean and hygienic workplace is more important than ever. Viruses adhere to surfaces made of different materials. The survival time of the COVID-19 depends on the material of the surface, ambient temperature and air humidity. In principle, the viruses can survive on plastic surfaces for several days. We therefore advise you to regularly clean your computer keyboard. This is especially true for keyboards, that are used by different people every day.

The best way to clean your keyboard

Before cleaning your keyboard, you should unplug it from your PC. You can then turn your keyboard over and remove the debris and dirt by shaking it and tapping it lightly on the back. For cleaning most keyboards, wipes that are moistened with either alcohol or glass cleaner are suitable. It is particularly important not to wipe the keyboard with a cloth that is too wet. Otherwise you could damage the electronics under the keys. We therefore advise against spraying keyboards with cleaning agents. In our experience, the best option is to use a moistened cleaning cloth.

However, caution is advised, especially with cheap keyboards, because their key labels are often only printed on. Therefore you should not use strong detergents. With laser-labeled keys on high-quality keyboards, cleaning is usually less problematic, since the labeling of the keys is not attacked.


Pro tip: easy-to-clean, antibacterial keyboards

Anyone who values a particularly hygienic working environment or who finds it difficult to clean a normal keyboard thoroughly, is best advised to use an easy-to-clean keyboard made of glass or silicone. The easy-to-clean keyboards are used in the medical sector, hospitals, the food industry or in other areas where special hygiene regulations apply. Due to their closed surfaces, such keyboards have little or no space in which dirt can accumulate. At the same time, they are protected against the penetration of cleaning fluids. Many models can be locked at the push of a button. That way you can quickly and easily clean the keyboard even during operation.

Our keyboards meet high hygienic requirements. You can find out about the hygienic advantages of our different keyboard families here: Hygiene keyboards ensure easy cleaning

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