One-handed use keyboard

A tailor-made, programmable keyboard for one-handed use

The Challenge

Due to the consequences of an accident, our customer Max Lörch, who works as a computer scientist at CID GmbH, lost his left arm and was therefore significantly restricted in practicing his job. When programming software in development environments, the programmer often has to execute a wide variety of key combinations. These either require two hands or can only be used quickly and efficiently with two hands. Without a customer specific keyboard, the time it took the computer scientist to type in program codes with one hand increased enormously.

The Solution

A tailor-made keyboard layout with individual programming and key assignments was the best solution in order to facilitate and accelerate the use of the keyboard. Together with Max Lörch, PrehKeyTec has designed a special keyboard layout so that symbols that are frequently used during programming, such as various types of brackets, can be placed on their own keys with direct access. In addition, many other special characters were made directly available by programming the keyboard. We were also able to fit an additional number block. Thanks to this customer-specific solution, Max Lörch can now again program software quickly and effectively.



“Thanks to the tailor-made special solution from PrehKeyTec, I can use key combinations without restrictions and type significantly faster. That makes my everyday work much easier. "

Max Lörch, Solution Architect at CID GmbH


individual programming and key assignments
programmable keyboard


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