DJ at volleyball match, programmable keyboard

DJ Rainer | This customizable keyboard is my secret for professional sports events

The Challenge

At sporting events such as volleyball matches, the broadcasting DJs have to respond quickly. In order to be able to play music and sounds with perfect timing, the DJ needs a reliable input solution for controlling the music software. By using our keyboard he can control the software and operate it almost blindly to the action taking place on the court as well as to the referees’ reactions in the blink of an eye. That is why DJ Rainer has been relying on the configurable and programmable input devices from PrehKeyTec for many years.

The Solution

The DJ has been using our data entry solutions for his regional, national and international volleyball & beach volleyball events for years. They provide him with the flexibility to program as little or as many key positions as he needs. „I’m programming all the keyboards myself. That’s why working with the WinProgrammer from PrehKeyTec has already become second nature to me. Labeling my own individual keys is also very easy. With the configuration being that simple, I can set up any keyboard exactly the way I need it for the next event," explains the DJ.



"What began as an experiment is now indispensable to me. The keyboards from PrehKeyTec give me the individuality and flexibility I need as an event DJ.“

Rainer U. Voß aka DJ Rainer, Volleyball & Beach Volleyball Event DJ


Programmable keyboards for sport events
Programmable keyboards for sport events
Programmable keyboards for sport events
Programmable keyboards for sport events


DJ Rainer has been an event DJ for many years. His passion is volleyball, whether it is played indoor or on the beach. He combines a refreshing and lively moderation with modern music and his unique way of getting the audience participation makes every event a success. His love for music also shows when he teaches people how to dance in his own dance school.


PrehKeyTec GmbH designs and manufactures intelligent data entry and multi-functional solutions for many demanding applications. This includes customised programmable keyboards and keypads, along with data input devices. These solutions reduce the complexities of inputting data at the point of entry and therefore deliver operational benefits for the customer. All over the world, PrehKeyTec’s products are being used, from retail to banking, to industrial and aviation applications. PrehKeyTec GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards, has many years of experience in design and manufacturing, and operates from its own manufacturing plant in Mellrichstadt, Northern Bavaria, offering true “Made in Germany” solutions.