Power Automation America, Inc.

Power Automation America, Inc.

The Challenge

The user community of Fadal‘s* legacy VMC machines is grappling with challenges of creeping end of life technology, cost of ownership and competition from shops with state of the art equipment.

Although the iron itself remains viable, the 1980‘s era card-based control system lacks the processing speed and flexibility to support current generation software. The high cost of maintenance, replacement cards (when available), downtime and reduced efficiency is pressuring many companies to sunset their Fadal equipment and ante up for new hardware.

The Solution

Power Automation designed a Turn-Key CNC replacement solution based on emulation technology with added features which allow the machine to move faster with greater precision. The high resolution 17“ Touchscreen offers a self-explaining HMI interface with added features and the PA designed controller is plug and play with the legacy control of Fadal CNC machines but offers higher speeds and efficiency.

„For the keyboard duplicating the control features we needed a reliable easy to customize and programmable keyboard“ as Hans Platt (CEO of PA America Inc.) mentioned. The PA FDL is the ideal solution for Fadal and non-Fadal users to get a cost saving high performance upgrade to existing or new CNC machines.



"With PrehKeyTec we found the ideal partner who could customize it for our articulate mount and could integrate a mouse device." 

Hans Platt, CEO of PA America Inc.


Power Automation America, Inc. (www.powerautomation.info) supplies a family of high-tech, PC-based CNC and Automation products with very competitive pricing. In addition to this, we offer items and services such as Panels, Handheld Pendants, and Engineering Services to create custom solutions. Delivering cost effective premier products for the machine tool & cutting machine industry is our goal. Power Automation America, Inc. offers everything you need, from simple machines to high-end systems in the Automation and CNC world.

PrehKeyTec GmbH designs and manufactures intelligent data entry and multi-functional solutions for many demanding applications. This includes customized programmable keyboards and keypads, along with data input devices. These solutions reduce the complexity of putting in data at the point of entry and therefore deliver operational benefits for the customer. All over the world, PrehKeyTec‘s products are being used, from retail to banking, to industrial and aviation applications. PrehKeyTec GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards, has many years of experience in design and manufacturing, and operates from its own manufacturing plant in Mellrichstadt, Northern Bavaria, offering true „Made in Germany“ solutions.

*Fadal is a registered trademark of Fadal Engineering, LLC