Programmable Keyboards for Hungarian Gas Stations

Programmable Keyboards for Hungarian Gas Stations

The Challenge

Dataking Informatikai KFT, Hungary is a leading IT-solution provider for the Hungarian retail and gas station industry. For special projects with well-known, international gas station chains they were looking for a highly reliable, programmable keyboard for their cash registers. Like the checkout system itself, the keyboard has to function 24/7. Special features like a flexible combination of alpha and numeric layout, a small footprint as well as premium quality were also important requirements.

The Solution

German manufacturer PrehKeyTec's MCI 128 cash register keyboard matched Dataking's requirements just perfectly. Dataking was convinced by the user-friendly, colored layout, that provides comfort and ease of use for the operator behind the counter. The programmability of the keyboard ensures fast customer handling and avoids queueing at the checkout of the gas station.



"The tailor-made, programmable keyboards from PrehKeyTec were exactly what our customers, international chains of gas stations, were looking for. Especially the premium quality and reliability of the cash register keyboards provide quick and safe handling of all important processes at the front-office in all gas stations.“

Vincze Árpád, Chief Engineer at Dataking Informatikai KFT



Dataking Informatikai KFT, Hungary
was founded in 1991. Their main business is to develop, install, maintain and support checkout systems for retail and gas stations. Dataking is especially focused on the selection and installation of hardware equipment as well as their state-of-the-art open software system. Meeting the changing, growing and expanding administrative needs of users in a flexible and cost-effective manner has highest priority. Dataking is active all over Hungary and their headquarter is in Budapest.


PrehKeyTec GmbH
designs and manufactures intelligent data entry and multi-functional solutions for many demanding applications. This includes customised programmable keyboards and keypads, along with data input devices. These solutions reduce the complexities of inputting data at the point of entry and therefore deliver operational benefits for the customer. All over the world, PrehKeyTec’s products are being used, from retail to banking, to industrial and aviation applications. PrehKeyTec GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards, has many years of experience in design and manufacturing, and operates from its own manufacturing plant in Mellrichstadt, Northern Bavaria, offering true “Made in Germany” solutions.