Bump Bar VisualTouch

VisualTouch – Compact and Robust Bump Bar For the System Catering Industry

The Challenge

The factor time is essential especially in the often hectic and stressful daily routine of restaurants and commercial kitchens. In order to meet the demands of customers and satisfy every guest quickly and reliably, processes must be optimized as much as possible. This includes particularly a smooth process from the receipt of the order too the preparation and the serving of the dishes. That is why VisualTouch POS has made it its business to make life easier for the catering industry, in addition to several other industries, with a highly efficient point-of-sale software solution. To make input and operation as comfortable and intuitive as possible, a reliable input with relevant hot keys was required. So, for fast and safe handling of the kitchen displays in the demanding environment, fexibly programmable bump bars were sought as the optimal input solution. 

The Solution

VisualTouch eventually chose the compact and robust MCI 30 keyboard from PrehKeyTec as an addition to existing input systems with display. Due to its unique programmability, it is flexibly configurable and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. Receipts can for example be retreived, modified, or newly created at the touch of one key. The kitchen keyboard offers haptic feedback, which is essential when processing orders, as wearing gloves is part of everyday kitchen life and entries also often must be made quickly qithout even looking. The colored keys in an intuitive and customized arrangement and their labeling with text or symbols ensure simple and convenient operation. And since the MCI 30 is dust and splash-proof on the user side, use under extreme conditions such as steam, splashing oil or under heat lamps is also possible without any problems.     



"The MCI 30 is currently in use at some of the largest food management companies, amongst others, and we have received only positive feedback. The bump bar is an ideal addition for input systems in harsh environments. It is more durable and robust than most comparable products in the market." 

Ilan Kritzer, President & CEO VisualTouch USA



Founded in 1997, VisualTouch POS (https://www.visualtouchpos.com/) offers one of the most recognized point-of-sale software programs in the world. With locations in Canada, USA and the Philippines and a worldwide partner network, VisualTouch POS is used by nearly 50,000 customers in 132 countries worldwide. Among them are service industries for retirement homes, canteens, cafeterias, hospitals, food distributions, commercial kitchens and many more.

PrehKeyTec GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality data entry solutions for professional applications. In close cooperation with our business partners, we develop and produce specific keyboards and scanners at our headquarters in Mellrichstadt. Our products give our worldwide customers advantages in terms of reliability and efficiency in manufacturing, retail and many other sectors.