Programmable Keyboard Police

Custom-made keyboards in the control rooms of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Police

The Challenge

The operations control system of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Police supports a large number of speed dialing options with regard to dispatching, telephone and radio operation, which up to now could not be used efficiently enough by solely using a standard PC keyboard. Often, the operations clerk in the control room had to switch between the various program windows manually using the mouse to trigger various functions.

The Solution

Thanks to the individually adapted and labeled keyboards, the frequently used standard functions of the emergency control system are now permanently assigned to a key so that they can be quickly triggered at any time – regardless of which program window is currently active. As a result, the speed and the ergonomics of the work in the control rooms could be increased considerably. In addition, there were eight unassigned keys on the keyboard, which can be individually programmed by the departments – for example, with speed dials of frequently used numbers for towing services, hospitals, etc. The control room keyboards are now in use at all regional police headquarters in Baden-Wuerttemberg.



"With the custom-made keyboards from PrehKeyTec, the functions of the operations control system can be used to their full extent and with unprecedented ergonomics, which optimize and accelerate police incident processing.“

Viktor Szilvasi, Technical, Logistics, Service Police Department



Police Baden-Wuerttemberg

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Police is the state police of the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and consists of 13 regional police headquarters, each responsible for one or more rural or urban districts. 


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