Keyboard Market

Markgrafen-Getränkevertrieb-GmbH – Robustness and flexibility for a long lifetime

The Challenge

Markgrafen-Getränkevertrieb-GmbH (beverage distribution) includes approximately 200 stores in Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia and Berlin. For their POS system, Markgrafen needed a keyboard with a customized and programmable key layout. At the same time, the keyboard should be extremely durable and adaptable at a later date.

The Solution

Together with POS provider FN-PoS Consult we configured the layout of our MCI 128 keyboard, so that the business processes of the beverage markets can be executed perfectly. The requirements of the checkout software were also taken into account. At the very beginning of the project, we considered the later adaptability, so that key changes and functions could be updated seamlessly. Subsequent changes could therefore be rolled out easily and cost effectively. Labeling the keys by laser etching provides a very hardwearing and clearly readable key – even when the keyboards have been in use for almost ten years.



"The MCI 128 keyboard is an extremely durable and made-to-last keyboard – despite the harsh environment." 

Josef Bauer, Head of IT Infrastructure at the Markgrafen-Getränkevertrieb-GmbH



Markgrafen-Getränkevertrieb-GmbH ( is one of the leading beverage store chains in Germany. The group's products are market leaders in their respective regions and the leading product of each market.

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